Joanna M. Burton BHSc (Acup.)

Add years to your life and life to your years

We can’t control the passage of time, but now at least we can control the rate at which we age, and literally roll back our biological clock.

Joanna M. Burton BHSc (Acup), the author of “Beautiful & Healthy YOU! Anti-aging and Longevity Secrets of the Ancients Revealed” has unlocked the power of ancient techniques and daily routines, that will make you feel like you are a whole generation younger.

Chinese Medicine is the science of extending the prime of life, with a total natural approach, that restores the balance of the Yin and Yang energy in the body, increases performance and organ vitality and replenishes the level of the fast consumed Yang energy, often caused by our modern lifestyle practices.

By balancing the Yin and Yang energy flow in the meridians network and by strengthening the kidney Jing energy we can look at conquering the age related diseases, so you can look forward to:

  • Perfect hearing and eyesight to age 95
  • Your own teeth, for the rest of your life.
  • Stopping prostate enlargement in men and improve a weak bladder control in women.
  • Reversing the loss of memory and mental focus.
  • Overcoming baldness and grey hair.
  • Disappearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Unlock stiff and swollen joints.
  • Enhance your sexual performance, frequency and endurance.

If you are 40- 50 years or older this is the one book that can help you to slow down and even reverse the ageing process and give you a second chance to feel and perform like, you are only 25-30 years of age. By doing this you can make yourself immune to some of the serious, life-shortening diseases, of old age.

To give you an idea how effectively these ancient Chinese health-preserving practices immunizes your body against sickness, disease and premature aging, by the support of your body’s natural ability to restore the Yang energy, which is steadily consumed with the ageing process.
For example older people feel the cold much more, due to the Yang energy diminishing in their bodies. One of the ancient practice of returning the pure Yang to the body is by self-moxibustion, or application of smouldering tiny moxa threads on the longevity acupuncture points.
Joanna and some of her clients use these proven natural immunizers on their bodies, in order to restore the balance of the Yin and Yang energy in the circadian flow.
Statistically we are already living longer, but what about our declining health as we age? By the year 2025, nearly a third of the world’s population will be over the age of 60. The general decline in health that comes with ageing will become an increasingly important issue to address, both for the individuals who are experiencing this decline and our society, which must provide them with expensive medical care. Thus, while we are already living longer, we must identify the practices and treatments that will ensure that a high quality of life is maintained as we age.
Non scaring direct self- moxibustion on the longevity acupuncture points has a huge potential as it offers a non-invasive option, to help avoid chronic and complex diseases of today’s modern world.
It is cheap and cannot be patented.
Please watch the video to find out how to apply direct self-moxibustion.

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